Best CSGO Gloves

Although cosmetic items cannot influence the way you play CS:GO, looking cooler makes you stand out from competitors. With the huge popularity of CS:GO skins, it is virtually impossible to find a player that is not looking to bulk up his inventory with neat in-game items.

Whether you want to look different from everybody else or simply flex your skins in front of other players, gloves can definitely make you shine. These items are not as popular as knives, but their popularity is slowly growing stronger.

Read on for a full guide on the best CS:GO gloves in 2022.

Are CSGO Gloves Valuable? – The Basics

The first thing you need to know about CS:GO gloves is that they are not as popular as other cosmetic items. Why? This is because most players will rather get a neat-looking knife or not wear gloves due to their pricing range.

Many gloves are part of special upgrade packages; wearing them with specific skins makes anyone look super cool. Another aspect is the value of gloves. It is extremely rare for players to get gloves on weekly in-game drops.

Consequently, world-class CS:GO gloves are always too expensive or too scarce for most players to bear. As a solution, most players try to find the middle ground between rarity and cost-benefit.

The most realistic way to get a glove nowadays is buying one directly from a marketplace or buying cases that give you a chance to drop one. If you opt for the case strategy, you can potentially drop gloves in:

  • Glove Cases
  • Clutch Cases
  • Operation Hydra Cases
  • Operation Broken Fang Cases
  • Snakebite Cases

Two good options in terms of cost-benefit are the Glove Case and the Clutch Case. Both options cost only a few cents of US dollars, but you have the probability to drop sick items with them.

While the Glove Case is limited to gloves or nothing at all, the Clutch Case allows you to drop weapon skins like the M4A4 Neo-Noir or the USPS Cortex.

Which Are the CSGO Gloves Options for Investors in 2022?

Due to their natural scarcity, the price of most CS:GO gloves eventually appreciates at a slow-but-steady rhythm. If you are willing to put some savings on the line and invest in a good pair of gloves skins, you can get a good profit after two years or more.

The initial cost of the investment is a bit high, but the standard appreciation percentage is around 7% to 10%, compensating for the investment made in the first place. 

Please note that the following list is not focused specifically on budget-friendly gloves. Rather, this selection considers a combination of potential appreciation, level of rarity, and superior aesthetics.

Specialist Gloves Crimson Web

If you want to look as dangerous as a poisonous spider, wearing a pair of Crimson Web Specialist Gloves will certainly give you a frightening look. You can look even cooler if you combine a pair of these gloves with a Stiletto Knife or Karambit Knife – all Crimson Web style, of course.

Boasting an eye-catching look, this skin is also a good investment. The average price paid for this item is around $350 on popular marketplaces. For the luckiest cats, it is possible to drop one with a Clutch Case. 

Driver Gloves King Snake

It is hard to find CS:GO items that look as stylish as a pair of King Snake Driver Gloves. This finish features a skin leather on the back of the hand with all-white fine workmanship on the rest of the piece.

This item is regarded as one of the finest gloves in the CS:GO community, especially when combined with a Damascus Steel Butterfly Knife and an M4A1-S Print stream.

Even though you can drop one on a Clutch Case, the chances are scarce. Players willing to wear a pair of these or hold it as an investment must be willing to pay around $650 to $700, depending on the marketplace. 

Specialist Gloves Fade

When skins have a Fade look, you automatically know it is a highly-valuable item. CS:GO items featuring a Fade finish have a unique combination of faded colors that instantly catches your attention.

Mixing tones of golden yellow with different shades of blue, crimson red, and metallic black, the Specialist Gloves with a Fade finish is a favorite. Like other items of the same collection, you can also find a “Marble Fade” version of these gloves.

Players willing to get a pair of these on their inventories must prepare their wallets. A Factory New (FN) version will not be available for less than $4000 – considering you manage to find one available.

Driver Gloves Snow Leopard

Do you want to look as cool as an old-school Texan tycoon or a Rhodesian safari master? Driver Gloves with a sleek Snow Leopard finish will do the job. This glove simply looks exquisite, featuring an all-white glove with full finger coverage in “dirty-ivory” tones and white leopard skin on the back of the hand.  

For those who feel sufficiently lucky, it is possible to drop a pair of these on a Snakebite Case or an Operation Broken Fang Case. Players or investors willing to pay for it can get their hands on a pair for around $990.

Best CSGO Gloves Summary

Similar to CS:GO knives, gloves require a higher investment for players who want to start with high-tier items. Dropping a good pair of gloves on cases is not easy, but you can test your luck and see how it goes.

If you are mostly interested in wearing good gloves, pick one that fits your budget and combine it with a neat-looking knife and other killer weapon skin. For investment purposes, gloves are a good option if you are willing to wait a year or two before a re-sale.