Best Cases on Farmskins 2023: Top Value

In full operation since 2016, Farmskins is a world-class CSGO gambling site focused solely on case openings, battles, and upgrades. The platform also features the amazing “Gaben’s Store,” a Santa Claus warehouse with exclusive items that can be bought with the website’s special currency. 

In this article, you will find a concise overview of the best cases available on Farmskins, so that you can focus on them be it at Case Battles or simply when buying/exchanging money for CS:GO cases.

Best Cases on Farmskins – What You Need to Know

As of early 2023, more than 110,594,000 cases were opened on Farmskins, with more than one million knife drops as part of the number. This massive following demonstrates the website’s compromise to give players the best experience in terms of case openings and battles.

Here’s a closer sight at the best crates to open on Farmskins:


The StatTrak case is one of the best CSGO crates when it comes to cost benefits and a high return potential. Costing a mere $2.99, this exclusive case gives you the chance to drop superior caliber skins like:

  • StatTrak AWP Oni Taiji
  • StatTrak AK-47 Vulcan
  • StatTrak AK-47 Fuel Injector
  • StatTrak AWP Asiimov
  • StatTrak M4A1-S Printstream
  • StatTrak AWP Containment Breach
  • StatTrak AWP Wildfire
  • StatTrak AK-47 Neon Rider
  • StatTrak AK-47 The Empress
  • StatTrak AK-47 Asiimov
  • StatTrak AWP Neo-Noir


It is not easy to find a good pair of CSGO gloves for a good price and the chances to drop them in-game could not be scarcer. Farmskins allows players to drop top-notch gloves with a case costing only $15.99, indeed a profitable deal. Potential drops include:

  • Sport Gloves Vice
  • AWP Lightning Strike
  • Hand Wraps Slaughter
  • Moto Gloves Polygon
  • Sport Gloves Bronze Morph
  • Moto Gloves Eclipse
  • Driver Gloves Lunar Weave
  • Driver Gloves Diamondback
  • Specialist Gloves Forest DDPAT 
  • Broken Fang Gloves Jade
  • Hand Wraps Spruce DDPAT 
  • Driver Gloves Overtake
  • Bloodhound Gloves Bronzed
  • Bloodhound Gloves Snakebite


There are few things more stylish than flexing a sick knife skin in a CSGO match. Those not interested in eSports may also hold it as an investment for future trades due to appreciation. At the end of the day, a CSGO knife is always a good request. 

The Coverknives case costs only $10.99, but the list of items you can drop include: 

  • Butterfly Knife Marble Fade
  • Butterfly Knife Doppler
  • Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth
  • Karambit Autotronic
  • Karambit Slaughter
  • M9 Bayonet Autotronic
  • Talon Knife Marble Fade
  • M9 Bayonet Slaughter
  • Stiletto Knife Fade
  • M9 Bayonet Damascus Steel
  • Flip Knife Marble Fade

Top Cases on Farmskins – F.A.Q.

In the following topics, you will find answers to the most frequent questions about Farmskins’ best cases.

Are Good Cases Necessarily Expensive on Farmskins?

No, it is perfectly possible to drop high-value skins by opening cases that cost less than $20. This list is focused on average-budget readers who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars to open a single case.

Can I Get Bonuses by Opening Cases on Farmskins?

Yes, Farmskins rewards users with Gaben’s Bullets (a special form of currency) for every case opened. This unique currency can be exchanged for exclusive items through the Gaben’s Store feature.