Best Cases on CSGOLuck You Can Get

Created in 2020, CSGOLuck rapidly climbed the ranks to become one of the most respected platforms in the skin gambling industry. Whether you want to have fun with game modes or cases, this platform has your back. We’ve already covered all about it in our CSGOLuck review.

In this article, you will find an in-depth review of the best cases on CSGOLuck.

CSGOLuck Overview & Stats

A 100% provably fair site, CSGOLuck combines the best gambling options. Once you join the website, you can enjoy game modes like Crash, Coinflip, and Wheel of Fortune, or indulge in Case openings and Case Battles.

Generally, these two options are not available on the same platform, but CSGOLuck brings the best of both worlds together to create a unique gambling experience. For brand-new users, the website gives an exclusive no-deposit voucher, which is the best sign-up bonus someone can ask for.

Different from most skin gambling sites, CSGOLuck has stricter KYC requirements to filter out minors and users unfit to gamble on the platform. Overall, it is not rocket science. For users who opt for depositing CSGO skins, they must connect a valid Steam account.

Another fact that makes CSGOLuck stand out from competitors is the responsive and efficient service provided by customer support. Whenever users need help, they can find it through a well-thought-out live chat tool. 

Best Cases on CSGOLuck – In Detail

All cases available on CSGOLuck are provably fair, which means users can verify the results of cases based on an advanced encryption system. Each roll has a unique hash associated with it, so players can use this number to determine whether bet results are actually random.

These are the best cases available on CSGOLuck in terms of cost-benefit:

Pew Pew 

Inspired by colorful, pistol-driven fights featuring Miami-Vice-styled players, the Pew Pew box is an excellent option for those who love pistols. This unique case costs 274,08 coins, which is equivalent to $191.85. 

While the price might not seem inviting at first glance, the potential drops coming from this crate surely justify its value. The skin you can get through this case includes:

  • FN Fade Glock 18
  • FN Blaze Desert Eagle
  • MW Fennec Fox Desert Eagle
  • FT Fennec Fox Desert Eagle
  • MW Synth Leaf Glock 18
  • FN Cobra Strike Dual Berettas
  • MW Candy Apple Five-SeveN

Groovy Baby

Leopard skin jumpsuits, disco lights, and an all-groovy feeling – could it get any better than that? The Groovy Baby case will surely make your mood brighter with a non-expensive option to counterbalance our first recommendation.

Costing mere 16,84 coins (approximately $11,80), this pretty babe will certainly make you smile with drops like:

  • FN Tiger Tooth Bowie Knife
  • BS Night Stripe Talon Knife
  • FT Autotronic Bowie Knife
  • BS Asiimov AWP
  • FT Queen Jaguar Driver Gloves
  • MW Man o’ War AWP
  • WW Neo-Noir AWP
  • WW Black Laminate AK-47
  • WW Mount Fuji MP9
  • WW Black Tie XM1014
  • BS Vault Heist MP7


Ancient magic powers will certainly surprise your enemies and help you thrive in combat. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, the Anubis case is named after the deity of death, the avenger from the realms of beyond. 

A medium-risk case costing 8.07 coins (approximately $5,64), this dark-energy crate gives lucky players the chance to drop:

  • FN Doppler Karambit
  • FN Doppler Stiletto Knife
  • MW Crimson Web Stiletto Knife
  • MW Gamma Doppler Flip Knife
  • FT Big Game Sports Glove
  • FN Blood in the Water SSG 08
  • MW Night Stripe Nomad Knife
  • MW Night Falchion Knife
  • WW Crimson Web Gut Knife
  • BS Jade Broken Fang Gloves
  • WW Jaguar AK-47
  • WW Wildfire AWP
  • MW Atomic Alley M4A1-S
  • BS Buzz Kill M4A4
  • FN Twin Turbo Dual Berettas
  • FT Dragonfire SSG 08 


The almighty god of thunder and lightning awaits from his throne to see which mortals bear the boldness and courage to defy his rage and open this crate.

Drawing inspiration from the father of hundreds of Greek deities, the Zeus case offers a good load of valuable skin drops for 122.37 coins (approximately $85). Potential drops contained in this legendary crate include:

  • FT Medusa AWP
  • CS Desert Hydra Souvenir AWP
  • MW Poseidon M4A4
  • MW Lightning Strike AWP
  • WW Blue Steel Classic Knife
  • MW Pandora’s Box MP9
  • FT Minotaur’s Labyrinth UMP-45
  • FT Electric Hive AWP
  • FN Eye of Athenas FAMAS 

Fade Away 

Like the old Clapton song says, nobody wants to fade away – especially when you are amid a shootout on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Fade Away case proposes an alternative solution, which is flexing great skins and standing out among competitors to win bloody fights. 

Costing 11,08 coins (approximately $7,75), this medium-risk crate contains drops like:

  • MW Fade Nomad Knife
  • FN Fade Bayonet
  • FN Fade Classic Knife
  • FN Fade Paracord Knife
  • FN Fade Bowie Knife
  • FN Fade Survival Knife
  • FN Marble Fade Ursus Knife
  • FN Marble Fade Bowie Knife
  • MW Fade UMP-45
  • FN Fade Shadow Daggers
  • FN Fade MAC-10


Covered in rattlesnake leather with a touch of a black mamba’s evil, the Snakeskin case is reserved only for those who enjoy a good hunt. CS:GO is the perfect scenario to chase and eliminate enemies, which makes this unique case a must-choose for primitive-minded warriors.

Costing 48,50 coins (approximately $33,95), this fancy-looking crate allows you to drop items like:

  • FT King Snake Driver Gloves
  • BS King Snake Driver Gloves
  • FN Hot Snakes MAC-10
  • MW Snakebite Bloodhound Gloves
  • BS Snake Camo AWP
  • BS Snakebite Bloodhound Gloves
  • MW Snake Camo Souvenir Sawed-Off

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Whether you want to deposit CSGO skins, cryptocurrency, or real money, CSGOLuck offers the most convenient methods players need to open the best cases with honest odds. Here are the most frequent questions about CSGOLuck’s case-opening feature:

Does CSGOLuck offer Cases with Good Cost Benefit?

Yes, CSGOLuck offers democratic options for users with any budget. Whether you have $100 or only a dollar to wager on a case, he will certainly find an option on the site.

Is it Possible to Open Cases on CSGOLuck via Mobile?

Unlike many world-class websites only focused on browser solutions, CSGOLuck brings a unique mobile solution to the table.

Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
Dan Norris, Author at CSGORadar
Daniel Norris
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