Bandit Camp Review

One of the biggest concerns of any skin gambler is to get cheated on game modes or cases. Aware of this recurring issue, Bandit Camp created an utterly transparent gambling platform shielded with an EOS-powered Provably Fair system.

Read on for a full review of Bandit Camp:

One of the biggest concerns of any skin gambler is to get cheated on game modes or cases. Aware of this recurring issue, Bandit Camp created an utterly transparent gambling platform shielded with an EOS-powered Provably Fair system.

Read on for a full review of Bandit Camp:

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Is Bandit Camp Legit?

If you want to have fun on a legit Rust skin gambling site, Bandit Camp has the solution for your case. Combining Provably Fair, a strong reputation, and a great gambling experience, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this excellent site.

Since its inception, the website has not suffered hacker attacks. Also, there are no complaints associated with scams or fraud, which demonstrates the platform has been performing consistently over the years.

Is Bandit Camp a Reputable Site?

Considering Bandit Camp has not been around for half a decade, the website evolved quickly and gathered a crowd of loyal followers supporting its proposal. Mostly focused on Rust skins but not limited to these virtual assets, the platform has been reviewed hundreds of times. 

According to independent reviews posted on Trustpilot, Bandit Camp boasts a 4.6 out of 5 rating, which is an excellent score. When visiting the website, you will often find over one thousand players online simultaneously. 

Is Bandit Camp Fair?

Bandit Camp is 100% Provably Fair and runs on a blockchain-powered mechanism that guarantees the fairness of all its game modes. The platform features a uniquely designed mechanism based on the EOS blockchain.

Launched in 2017, this blockchain network was created to enable the development, hosting, and execution of DApps (Decentralized Applications). 

Based on this innovative tool, the platform ensures full transparency in the results of bets. Neither players nor Bandit Camp can interfere in the outcome of any games, which guarantees a complete randomization of the process.

Each game has a unique hash code associated with it. After the results are revealed, users can pick this code and check the authenticity of the results. 

Bandit Camp Casino Games

It is 100% safe to affirm that Bandit Camp is listed among the best Rust skin gambling sites ever. No matter how clueless you might be about Rust and its unique items, this fantastic site can be your loyal follower.

There are several gambling options with which gamblers can have fun. All these options are displayed in the “Games” tab located at the top menu. Feel free to have fun with:

  • Crate Battles
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Crate Unboxing
  • Coinflip Duels
  • Beancan Blast
  • Spinner Battles

As it’s plain to see, Bandit Camp offers a unique combination of Rust game modes and case opening, which is quite a rare opportunity to find online. 

All inspired by the Rust theme, these unique game modes share similarities with popular hits from the skin gambling industry. At the same time, each of them is so unique that you will find nothing close to Bandit’s gambling experience elsewhere.

Promotions & Bonuses

If you like generous bonuses, Bandit Camp definitely will not fail you. In addition to the standard promo code offers, gamblers can claim Free Scraps (0.03 of them) every 15 minutes.

To claim this bonus, players must have a Steam account at least level 3, add “banditcamp.com” to one’s profile name on Steam, add Rust to the game library, and have less than 0.03 Scraps in the balance.

Another chance to get free Scraps is participating in the social media giveaways regularly promoted on the website. Make sure to follow the platform’s profiles on Twitter and Discord to be notified timely.

Last but not least, the website was updated to introduce the “Leaderboard” feature. The more Scraps you wager on Bandit Camp, the more you climb up the leaderboard ranks.

Given leaderboard prizes are granted based on the top players’ Daily, Weekly, and Monthly performance, the best approach is to wager as much as possible for the longest possible span. 

Does Bandit Camp Offer a Good User Experience?

Bandit Camp offers seamless navigation and ease of use to any gambler. No matter your level of experience with skin gambling and game modes, you will easily understand the whole platform with less than an hour of exploring it.

If you are already a fan of Rust, the experience will be even easier, as most aspects of the website are entirely based on the game’s theme. Players will not experience lags or slow processing, as the site runs surprisingly rapidly.

Still, the processing time associated with withdrawals is far from the ideal standard when compared to other Rust gambling sites.

Coin Exchange Rate at Bandit Camp

Weird exchange rates and unusual token systems confuse gamblers, leading them to spend much more than they actually own in their account balances. Bandit Camp features a 1:1 coin exchange rate to prevent this inconvenient situation.

While the platform has a native gambling currency called “Scraps,” each of these coins is equivalent to one US dollar. As expected, this smart move from the website makes everything easier and helps users to manage their bankroll intelligently.

Bandit Camp Payment Methods

The main payment method used for deposits on Bandit Camps is through skins. Even though the platform is mainly focused on Rust items, gamblers can freely deposit skins from CS:GO and Dota 2. 

For players who prefer to deposit with cryptocurrencies, the options available include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). Withdrawals are restricted to Rust skins.

While it might sound too restrictive, Bandit Camp offers a huge selection of skins. In fact, the website’s catalog of skins is so huge that it’s almost impossible not to find the desired skin. Currently, the total number of skins available surpasses 70,000 items.

To exchange Scraps for skins, users must click on the “Shop” tab and select the skins chosen for withdrawal. Keep in mind that the website has a withdrawal limit of 400 Scraps per day, but it’s possible to contact support and modify this threshold.

Pros and Cons

No Rust gambling site is always the same. Here’s a comparison table of the advantages and disadvantages of Bandit Camp: 

Unique gambling modesLacks consistent speed on withdrawals   
Blockchain-powered  Customer support could improve 
Fully transparent & Provably Fair 
Thousands of Rust skins 
Fluid navigation 

Undoubtedly, Bandit Camp is a huge hit. Whether you are a fan of Rust or not, you will find an excuse to wager on this unique gambling platform. 

After weeks of analysis and testing, the only drawbacks associated with the site are the lack of a consistent processing speed on withdrawals and the lack of live chat support. Still, neither of these minor defects can ruin a good gambling session at Bandit Camp. 

Bandit Camp Customer Support?

Unfortunately, Bandit Camp offers no live chat support. Instead, they run a customer support system based on tickets. Although this method is not necessarily bad, it is quite updated and gamblers might need a few hours to respond.

It’s worth noting that the platform offers a responsive support service despite this fact, answering users informatively in English, Russian, and Turkish as well. Surprisingly, while it does not feature a live chat, the quality of the services provided via ticket compensates slightly for this inconvenience. 

Code: "CR100"