Bandit.Camp Promo Code 2023

The promo code for Bandit.camp is "CR100" and can be used across the entire site and is available from all countries.

If you want to learn more about the Bandit.Camp promo code, as well as about the platform and all the benefits you’ll obtain by claiming the welcome bonus, then keep reading.

The promo code for Bandit.camp is "CR100" and can be used across the entire site and is available from all countries.

If you want to learn more about the Bandit.Camp promo code, as well as about the platform and all the benefits you’ll obtain by claiming the welcome bonus, then keep reading.

Claim Bonus
5% Deposit Bonus
Code: "CR100"

Would you like to get started on Bandit.Camp with an excellent gift code? Then you need to claim our exclusive Bandit.Camp Promo Code, which will bring you access too…

  • Free coins
  • Free credits
  • Cashback/Rakeback
  • Discounts
  • Win Bonuses
  • Etc.

It depends on the promo code you claim, but these are all the benefits you obtain. If you’re ready to make it happen, then check out our list of Bandit.Camp promo codes below:

  • CR100
  • 100RDR

How to Claim Bandit.Camp Codes

Bandit.camp promo codes

You can claim your promo code bonus in as little as 5 minutes – here’s how to do it.

  1. Select a promo code from our listing
  2. Head over to Bandit.Camp
  3. Log in via Steam
  4. Click on “Free Scrap”
  5. Select “Redeem a promo code”
  6. Enter your promotional code
  7. Click on claim and you will receive the bonus!

The bonus you receive will depend on the promo code you choose. It can be free coins, free Rust skins, cashback, etc. Make sure to read the description before claiming it.

Now that you’ve credited your Bandit.Camp account with a nice bonus, let’s see how you can take advantage of it, by following our exclusive advice.

What is the Purpose of the Bandit.Camp Offer

Bandit.Camp uses the promo code to attract more customers, who are likely to deposit real money if they like the platform. As simple as that. It’s the same way online casinos get more customers. 

Now, to remain competitive, Bandit.Camp has released an excellent set of promo codes that bring benefits such as free coins, skins, cashback, rakeback, etc. 

The purpose is to show you that the platform is full of great games and opportunities to make money. And if you feel like it sounds like a deal, then claim your promo code now and start using it to grow your Rust gambling bankroll.

Where Can You Use the Bandit.Camp Bonus Code?

Where to play on Bandit.camp

Bandit.Camp is a proper Rust gambling site, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to use your free promo code bonus. Here are our recommendations on where to use it, so you can take full advantage of your bonus code.

Wheel of Fortune

If you like roulette games, then you’ll like the Wheel of Fortune. All you need to do is to place the bonus of your promo code, choose your number and let the wheel spin. If the marker lands on your number, you’ll receive your prize – up to 21x times your bet!

Beancan Blast

Here you have to throw a beancan and let it explode. You can bet on whether the number will roll under/over a specific limit, and if you win, then your bet will be multiplicated by the correct multiplicator. It can multiply your bonus promo code money by over 9,000 times!

Coinflip Duels

The classic Rust coinflip duels are perfect if you like PvP gambling. With fair odds of 50-50 for each participant, you can use your promo code money to gamble the safest way.

Crate Battles

The same as case battles, here you have to deposit any number of Rust crates you want, create a duel against another gambler and let luck decide the final result. Once again, you stand a 50-50 chance of winning.

Spinner Battles

Another PvP gambling experience is where you can use your promo code money. All you need to do is to place a bet, pick a color and let luck decide the result. You’ll win the full loot if the marker lands on your selected color.

Crate Unboxing

Finally, you can use your free money to unbox crates. You can win valuable items and Rust skins to top up your inventory.

Benefits of the Promotional Code

On top of being free money, the Bandit Camp promotional code brings you plenty of advantages. Let’s explore them, so you can see why you should claim it and start playing right now.

Play for free

If you simply want to gamble for free, or if you want to test Bandit Camp before depositing real money, then use the promo code. It’s the perfect way to accomplish your goals without facing any real danger.

Get awesome skins

Bandit.Camp has one of the world’s biggest Rust skins shops, so you can use the promo code to buy something cool. Or you can use it on different games, so you can win more coins and use them to buy valuable skins in the shop. 

Try daring bets

Since it’s free money, you don’t have to face the consequences of losing it. So, it’s the perfect way to try daring bets on games like the Wheel of Fortune and Beancan Blast. The latter pays up to x9,600 if you roll under 0.01 (practically impossible, but if you bet free money, you can afford to do it).

Learn your way around the Bandit Camp

You can learn more about the different games on the website by betting free money. So, claim your free promotional code and use the bonus to find your favorite games and learn your way around the Bandit Camp.


We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions about this promotional code, so you can clear your doubts and use it today. If you want us to help you, feel free to send us a message – our team is always ready to lend you a hand.

Can you win real money with the Bandit Camp promo code?

Yes, the free money you use to bet on different games at Bandit Camp can be converted to real profits. You can cash out using any method available on the website.

Is the Bandit Camp promo code safe to use?

Yes, the website is safe, encrypted and Provably Fair, so you can use the promo code without issues.

Is the Bandit.Camp promo code legit?

Yes, we’ve not found customer complaints about it, and since all the games are random, it’s accurate to say that the promo code is 100% legit.

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