Aim Training Guide: Maps And How To Improve Your Accuracy

If you're a CS:GO player but you've simply reached the point where you cannot be a better shooter, there's still a solution for your case. Read on to go through our CS:GO Aim Training Guide and discover the best maps to train your marksmanship skills in 2022.

What is an Aim Training Map?

An Aim Training Map is a custom map designed exclusively for CS:GO players to improve their shooting skills. It is quite easy to find and download one of these maps on the Steam community. 

All you need to know is to search for the name of the map you’re interested in, click on the map, and select the “Subscribe” option highlighted in green. Once you’ve subscribed to a map, it will automatically be available when you play CS:GO. 

You can either train on your own or invite friends who have the same map on their list. It is also possible to join CS:GO communities focused only on high-level performance for competitive matches. 

Playing one vs. one or with multiple players helps to replicate the intense feeling involved in real CS:GO combats.

Why You Should Practice Your CSGO Shooting Skills on Aim Training Maps?

A great percentage of your performance on CS:GO depends on your marksmanship skills. If you cannot aim properly, you will not survive the competitive environment of both standard matches and pro-level leagues.

The game is mostly about shooting other players, which means training your shooting skills is equivalent to improving your ability to win.

CSGO Aim Training Program – Full Walkthrough

If you have ever played CS:GO before, you know that the chances to aim straight into an opponent are utterly scarce in a match. Players are always moving around, which means you need proper practice to get the advantage of sparse chances to get rid of them.

Here’s a set of Aim Training maps that will certainly help you improve your CS:GO shooting skills:


If you are just starting on CS:GO competitive matches, going through training_aim_csgo2 is a must. 

Even though this map may look simplistic at first glance, it will help you to develop a set of fundamental skills that will determine your success as a competitive player, which are:

  • How efficiently you can position your aim
  • How to get into tapping properly 
  • When to spray and not to spray 
  • How the cross-hair affects your shooting ability 
  • How the cross-hair behaves in different situations

This map looks like a shooting range, which means you’ll feel the realistic energy of shooting fixed targets within a real-life gun center. A good strategy is to go through this basic range with all available weapons to “feel” how each of them works.

ULLeticaL’s Recoil Master 

Once you have mastered the basic drills and cross-hair movements, you must focus on more advanced skills. It is fundamental for CS:GO players to work different recoil patterns, considering each weapon has different recoils, and you need to get a proper grip on them.

When you get into ULLeticaL’s Recoil Master map, you have several drills with each gun. Please note that many situations in competitive matches require you to spray, which is a skill you will further develop on this map.

ULLeticaL’s Aim Botz

Once you have covered the basic and intermediate elements of CS:GO shooting, it is time to advance to deeper waters. ULLeticaL’s Aim Botz map allows you to shoot a variety of target models instead of regular “paper” targets.

This map is set on a broad aim stage where you will cross paths with various bots. In this scenario, you will train fundamental CS:GO skills like:

  • Proper flicking
  • Efficient crosshair placement
  • Adequate mouse movement

Keep in mind that this scenario is not the perfect spot for training perfect accuracy, but to reproduce the tricks you will eventually need in competitive matches against real-life players.

Many pro-level players use this map to warm up before entering the competitive stage, which shows how effective it can be in terms of drilling skills.

Aim Training Guide Summary

It is impossible to separate CS:GO competitions from the player’s ability to aim. If you cannot aim properly, you will not succeed as a CS:GO player. The better your aim skills are, the better chances you have to make it to the top of the rankings.

This short guide will help you improve the elementary CS:GO marksmanship skills like cross-hair placement, proper flicking, and how to spray efficiently without looking like a madman.